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Big winter rainbow

Doug Bredbenner's Trout
I have used your marabou jigs and jig heads for some years now. They are definitely the best and I have share your company info with anyone who asks about them. Few weeks ago (11-22) on a cold, rainy, very windy day I was fishing at one of the local lakes the Mo Dept of Conservation stocks for winter trout fishing here in the St Louis area. I was using a 3/32 Sculpin/Olive jig and caught several trout that day. 3 were quite large. Pictures attached are of all three. A fellow angler took the picture of me holding the biggest and the other two pictures I took with my rod/reel as reference. All were quickly returned to the water unharmed (catch and release). Wasn't able to weigh or measure them but I marked my rod with the smallest and later at home measured that at 25 inches. 

Largemouth in the rain

River smallmouth

She's got a rainbow

Start the day with largemouth

Tarpon jump

Tournament big fish

Two good ones at weigh in

What a tarpon

Winter largemouth

Chuck Everett 8.5lb Rainbow
Chuck Everett Caught this 26.5inch, 8.5lb Rainbow trout using PJ's 3/32 peach/olive 

First fish


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